Who is Gabriel ?

Hi, I’m Gabriel.

I write because that’s the way I find to contribute to the world we live in. Writing makes me organize my thoughts and helps me put things into perspective. This blog? I don’t really know what this is going to be in the future, but what I do know is that my main mission today is to share relevant insights with people who are passionate about ideas and do not fear failure. In parallel, I run a second blog called Agora Viajei (BR portuguese) to share the experience of leaving my job, car, country and, especially, my comfort zone to make the dream of living abroad come true.

What’s my story?

I was born in one of the most populous city in the Americas – Sao Paulo, BR – I have recently married and moved to Barcelona. I know. Two big changes at once. My wife Carol and I really complete each other. She has a natural talent for cooking and I…well, let’s just say that I’m always hungry to taste her inventions. :) At our Mini-Wedding celebration in a small vintage hostel, I’ve made her a big surprise in front of our 35-people crowd when I played her favorite song after spending 8 months secretly learning how to play alto saxophone.

In Sao Paulo, I’ve spent 6 diverse and inspiring years at FedEx Express. Having started in Customer Service, I was a young professional and was eager to go up on the corporate ladder. It turns out that things do not always happen the way we want and after a couple of years I found myself kind of “stuck” in that position. I had applied to three different internal job interview processes and got “no” as an answer in every one of them. Yep, it was really a tough moment. But today when I look back, I realize that is the best thing that ever happened in my career. Eventually I stopped blaming other people or complaining about things and started taking responsibility. After all, I realized that it’s all a matter of choice – I could choose to keep complaining that things wouldn’t change or I could change myself and start doing things differently. And, as you well imagined, that made all the difference. With an action plan at hand and a lot of hard work, I managed to participate in several different projects that led me to a promotion to the Global Sales team. Being the Coordinator for the Brazil & South Cone area, I worked in projects such as helping the Sales team to utilize CRM as an strategic tool, making territory alignments/customer hierarchy segmentation and creating valuable reports to help the upper management take better decisions. It was not easy, but it was worth it.

Nowadays, I play the role of Sales Operations Analyst in a Canadian company that provides software & consulting solutions where I keep my focus in making important things happen rather than just being busy with the “urgent”.