Easier said than done

I look back and see how much has happened in the last few years and I have a great feeling of gratitude. After all, despite all the difficulties and how many things had to go wrong to get it right (things that are not always apparent to those who look from the outside), doing the… Continue reading Easier said than done

Reminding yourself

You know, I suck at doing a lot of things. Things like skating, drawing, waiting on the line, or even more important things like dealing with emotions. And the list goes on and on. But if there’s one thing I always really  found myself to be good at, this thing is learning new stuff. I… Continue reading Reminding yourself

What can you do today?

In the next few hours, do you have the chance to do something that is within your reach? Let tomorrow worry for tomorrow. Just do what you can do now. Make a small gesture, have a good conversation, write down what you have in mind, thank someone who once helped you. The time is now. The… Continue reading What can you do today?

What’s your story?

Ok. I know your resumé contains complete information about your professional experience, academic background, volunteering and everything else that we are used to read. You are a hardworking, smart and committed person. Cool. And so what? What makes you different from others? You must tell a story, show what difficulties you faced to get here and… Continue reading What’s your story?