Where do you see yourself in 10 years

Some people will argue that they know exactly where they will be. So I started to think backwards: where was I 10 years ago and how I was answering such question in a job interview? College had just started out, first semester, still a rookie. I didn’t realize at the time but I was going through… Continue reading Where do you see yourself in 10 years

Planning is a lifestyle

A good plan is not only about writing down where you are and which steps are required to get you there. A plan typically needs to be changed, remade, modified, sometimes even erased and started from scratch. It tailors to the new components that come into the scene. If something bad happens, the plan is… Continue reading Planning is a lifestyle

A long term career plan…

…is defined by your ability to give small steps consistently. There’s no magic. It is about planning and hard work. And in order to be able to achieve a long distance run, one of the best ideas I have ever had is to start breaking a career plan into 12 months chunks. One year is usually what you need… Continue reading A long term career plan…

Just a small dose of inspiration.

Today is Monday. For every good citizen is the day to get up early, take one cup of black coffee, take a deep breath and get ready to face another week of challenges. Red is the color of your bank account, green is the color of neighbor’s grass. You feel the world crashing down around… Continue reading Just a small dose of inspiration.

The world changes. We change. So, what about the goals?

Most of the things we discuss here you already know, there seems to be nothing new. With the internet, people have access to information. But Marketing is not merely having access to information. It is about knowing what to do with them. I combine this with that and… KABUM! Something magic happens. Before I get… Continue reading The world changes. We change. So, what about the goals?