The two paths to follow

I woke up this morning feeling lucky. But not the kind of luck that comes from randomness. Yet, I was feeling great about doing the hard-work day after day and having the opportunity to put some thought on it down the road. I am part of a generation that was born wanting everything for yesterday. No matter… Continue reading The two paths to follow

Long time no speak

The other day I caught myself overthinking about how great people – people we chose to admire and, somehow, to follow – have the power to make a bold impact in our lives. Just like any other rudimentary relationship, we miss that kind of people a lot. When meeting again, a strange feeling comes up. At the same time… Continue reading Long time no speak

What if…

…we didn’t complaint when something does not go as we expected. …we were more focused on doing the important rather than being busy with urgent. …we could just say ‘sorry, I’ll make it up’ instead of trying to find logical excuses. I believe that these things are part of the process. Besides, if we really aim to be better… Continue reading What if…

Go make a research on your own

Do you want need to understand people? Go and make it on your own. Why? I’d rather say “Why not?” I know there’s a lot of information available on the internet because Google makes it easier for you. But I will give you just some reasons to do it yourself: a) Doing this makes you… Continue reading Go make a research on your own

Different roles of consumption

For a long time, people were framed in categories. As if they had a barcode. Men, single, rich, 25-39 years old, from the southern region. And from that summary, companies developed products and services for this particular audience. Nowadays, people play different roles of consumption. People belong to tribes, but not only one.  A person… Continue reading Different roles of consumption

You can’t chang…

You can’t change everything or everyone, but you can change the people who matter.

Marketing is about change–changing people’s actions, perceptions or the conversation. Successful change is almost always specific, not general. You don’t have a chance to make mass change, but you can make focused change.

The challenge of mass media was how to run ads that would be seen by just about everyone and have those ads pay off. That problem is gone, because you can no longer run an ad that reaches everyone. What a blessing. Now, instead of yelling at the masses, the marketer has no choice but to choose her audience. Perhaps not even with an ad, but with a letter, or a website or with a product that speaks for itself. And yet, our temptation is to put on a show for everyone, to dream of bestseller lists and the big PR win.

So the first, most important question is, “who do we want to change?”

If you can’t answer this specifically, do not proceed to the rest. By who, I mean, “give me a name.” Or, if you can’t give me a name, then a persona, a tribe, a spot in the hierarchy, a set of people who share particular worldviews. People outside this group should think you’re crazy, or at the very least, ignore you.

Then, be really clear about:

What does he already believe?

What is he afraid of?

What does he think he wants?

What does he actually want?

What stories have resonated with him in the past?

Who does he follow and emulate and look up to?

What is his relationship with money?

What channel has his permission? Where do messages that resonate with him come from? Who does he trust and who does he pay attention to?

What is the source of his urgency—why will he change now rather than later?

After he has changed, what will he tell his friends?

Now that you know these things, go make a product and a service and a story that works. No fair changing the answers to the questions to match the thing you’ve already made (you can change the desired audience, but you can’t change the truth of what they want and believe).

Today I woke up in the morning and came across this post from Seth’s Blog.
I decided to share with you without changing a single word.

Seth is the kind of person who has the ability to impress and provoke you at the same time. He has written seven bestselling books and talks a lot about ideas and tribes.
Thank you, Seth.

We want (need) the true Marketing

How many times have you had problems to buy a product or service? It is no accident that the image of the marketer is ruined today. One given company has plenty of money but misleads consumers to reduce their costs. They sell products with the promise to deliver 500 ml content, when in fact there are… Continue reading We want (need) the true Marketing

The three things you do

There are somethings you need to do, regardless of your will. If you’re sick, you need to do something about it. Consult a doctor, go to the pharmacy and buy some medication, stand still. This kind of situation always comes first. There are other things you can stop doing, but will incur some kind of… Continue reading The three things you do

For some important subjects, the digital can’t replace the real.

It’s really different watching a game on TV and attending a live performance, isn’t it? You capture so many details when you are watching soccer stars playing the game with your own eyes. Sourrounded by thousands of people, you scream as loud as you can to motivate your team to go on the attack while… Continue reading For some important subjects, the digital can’t replace the real.