Planning is a lifestyle

A good plan is not only about writing down where you are and which steps are required to get you there. A plan typically needs to be changed, remade, modified, sometimes even erased and started from scratch. It tailors to the new components that come into the scene. If something bad happens, the plan is… Continue reading Planning is a lifestyle

Failure creates no expectation

When you fail, you are already at the bottom and what can be expected from you? This creates an unique opportunity that is often dismissed: to overcome expectations. People expect you will be upset/will complaint/will give up. That’s the real time when resilient people show up and make a difference.

Let me know when you stop making excuses

There comes a point in your life you realize that complaining does not lead anywhere. That there are millions of possible reasons for you NOT to do something. Talent itself is not enough, because in the end achieving results will require you some sacrifice. When you finally begins to see clearly that, then you only… Continue reading Let me know when you stop making excuses

The greatest enemy of all time

So, this is it. The taxes are too high, you don`t have enough money, your boss doesn`t understand you, there are people who will think you are too radical, blablabla. Is there any other excuse that I forgot to mention? Come on, you are dealing with your greatest enemy of all time: yourself. Don’t be… Continue reading The greatest enemy of all time