Looking back a hundred years ago human beings would travel an average pace of 6-12 Km/h. Today, though, we are flying on rocket ships, planes, super fast cars and that only happened recently, I mean, very recently in history. What that creates is a non-stop movement where there is simply a lot going on in… Continue reading Pause.


With so many things to take care throughout the day, we often fail to keep all our commitments in mind. Just normal, it’s how our brain works and that’s exactly why we use reminders, either if it’s a paper list or an Outlook reminder. A reminder is a good way to store information. Instead of keeping a plenty of… Continue reading Reminders

Just a small dose of inspiration.

Today is Monday. For every good citizen is the day to get up early, take one cup of black coffee, take a deep breath and get ready to face another week of challenges. Red is the color of your bank account, green is the color of neighbor’s grass. You feel the world crashing down around… Continue reading Just a small dose of inspiration.