Reminding yourself

You know, I suck at doing a lot of things. Things like skating, drawing, waiting on the line, or even more important things like dealing with emotions. And the list goes on and on. But if there’s one thing I always really  found myself to be good at, this thing is learning new stuff. I… Continue reading Reminding yourself

This is the world we live in

The internet has enabled the world to connect in various ways. Today, we no longer need to go to a person who obtains the information. We can do most things by ourselves. If I want to print, build, write, publish, scan, play, invent, invest, create…I can learn how to do it. Each day, more people are doing more things… Continue reading This is the world we live in

Stanford classes for free

Yeap. You can sign up here. Courses started today and I`m looking foward to know how it is gonna work. I signed up for the “A Crash Course on Creativity” and until now there are 17 thousand people all over the world. This is a very different way of getting knowledge. But the “Information age”… Continue reading Stanford classes for free