Planning is a lifestyle

A good plan is not only about writing down where you are and which steps are required to get you there. A plan typically needs to be changed, remade, modified, sometimes even erased and started from scratch. It tailors to the new components that come into the scene. If something bad happens, the plan is… Continue reading Planning is a lifestyle

This is the world we live in

The internet has enabled the world to connect in various ways. Today, we no longer need to go to a person who obtains the information. We can do most things by ourselves. If I want to print, build, write, publish, scan, play, invent, invest, create…I can learn how to do it. Each day, more people are doing more things… Continue reading This is the world we live in

Travel does not make us better

A trip helps us see the world with different lenses, to realize the greatness that is out there and understand the void that exists inside us. It shows us so many different things (whether good or bad) which leads us to reflect on the actual size of our problems or what we constantly complain about.… Continue reading Travel does not make us better

A long term career plan…

…is defined by your ability to give small steps consistently. There’s no magic. It is about planning and hard work. And in order to be able to achieve a long distance run, one of the best ideas I have ever had is to start breaking a career plan into 12 months chunks. One year is usually what you need… Continue reading A long term career plan…

Start with the basics

Whoever is willing to make great changes is often thinking in difficult projects that need to be accomplished. On the other hand, our ability to do things is by breaking long hour tasks into small “doable” tasks. Say you wanna write a book, you would start by the idea, write a few chapters, choose a title, make a… Continue reading Start with the basics

The big picture

The kind of work that makes a difference is often done in the edge of creativity. For this kind of work, there are no “immutable truths” because in fact the answers are still being found. From history we learn to look back and see the big picture. We can clearly visualize how someone or some… Continue reading The big picture

I’ll give you the floor

Today it’s not going to be about me. You have the room to give ideas and I’ll careful listen to them. If you need a hand to do some hard work, I’ll be a volunteer. If you have more important stuff to deal, I’ll take care of the things that are distracting you. Being a leader is… Continue reading I’ll give you the floor

What if…

…we didn’t complaint when something does not go as we expected. …we were more focused on doing the important rather than being busy with urgent. …we could just say ‘sorry, I’ll make it up’ instead of trying to find logical excuses. I believe that these things are part of the process. Besides, if we really aim to be better… Continue reading What if…

Choice is free(dom)

If there’s something that I’ve always took serious in life is about choice. I am a believer that we always have choice no matter the situation. Even if you can’t change the situation itself, you can change the way you react to it. From the moment you realize that kind of freedom, you then start… Continue reading Choice is free(dom)

Adjusting expectations

Things can be better. Things could be better than they are today if we take a few steps. Or…this is not gonna be easy, but if you persist there is a chance that you can achieve it and things will change for better. Three totally different ways to think about a situation or a challenge.… Continue reading Adjusting expectations

Let me know when you stop making excuses

There comes a point in your life you realize that complaining does not lead anywhere. That there are millions of possible reasons for you NOT to do something. Talent itself is not enough, because in the end achieving results will require you some sacrifice. When you finally begins to see clearly that, then you only… Continue reading Let me know when you stop making excuses

Go make a research on your own

Do you want need to understand people? Go and make it on your own. Why? I’d rather say “Why not?” I know there’s a lot of information available on the internet because Google makes it easier for you. But I will give you just some reasons to do it yourself: a) Doing this makes you… Continue reading Go make a research on your own