The Excuses Database

“I admire people who made…but you know, I should have done this before I was 30. Now it’s not safe” Safe. What kind of successful path you hope to find without involving risk? If every decision in life is always the most safe, odds are you’ll end up missing the sunshine view from a breathless… Continue reading The Excuses Database

Seeking balance

There is a simple formula that defines the success of every challenge that you experience: knowledge + motivation. We know that when motivated, we go after the results and overcome our own limitations. But motivation alone is not enough. See, we can have much better results when we have knowledge. On the other hand, have… Continue reading Seeking balance

The fear of looking at the bank account

It is the same fear that negatively affects many companies. But not necessarily the fear to look at their bank account, but maybe to look at an internal problem, structural, tactical, etc. The action is only taken when the bomb explodes, but maybe at this point, a major damage may have already been done. Remember,… Continue reading The fear of looking at the bank account

Finding a way out of the enigma

When faced with an enigma, we often fail to find the solution. But when we see the answer our reaction is “Gosh! I can’t believe it was so simple!”. Why does this happen? The point is that the problem is not in the enigma itself, the problem is in our own mind. When we realize… Continue reading Finding a way out of the enigma

Just a small dose of inspiration.

Today is Monday. For every good citizen is the day to get up early, take one cup of black coffee, take a deep breath and get ready to face another week of challenges. Red is the color of your bank account, green is the color of neighbor’s grass. You feel the world crashing down around… Continue reading Just a small dose of inspiration.

What’s your story?

Ok. I know your resumé contains complete information about your professional experience, academic background, volunteering and everything else that we are used to read. You are a hardworking, smart and committed person. Cool. And so what? What makes you different from others? You must tell a story, show what difficulties you faced to get here and… Continue reading What’s your story?