Where do you see yourself in 10 years

Some people will argue that they know exactly where they will be. So I started to think backwards: where was I 10 years ago and how I was answering such question in a job interview? College had just started out, first semester, still a rookie. I didn’t realize at the time but I was going through… Continue reading Where do you see yourself in 10 years

Planning is a lifestyle

A good plan is not only about writing down where you are and which steps are required to get you there. A plan typically needs to be changed, remade, modified, sometimes even erased and started from scratch. It tailors to the new components that come into the scene. If something bad happens, the plan is… Continue reading Planning is a lifestyle

This is the world we live in

The internet has enabled the world to connect in various ways. Today, we no longer need to go to a person who obtains the information. We can do most things by ourselves. If I want to print, build, write, publish, scan, play, invent, invest, create…I can learn how to do it. Each day, more people are doing more things… Continue reading This is the world we live in

A long term career plan…

…is defined by your ability to give small steps consistently. There’s no magic. It is about planning and hard work. And in order to be able to achieve a long distance run, one of the best ideas I have ever had is to start breaking a career plan into 12 months chunks. One year is usually what you need… Continue reading A long term career plan…

Start with the basics

Whoever is willing to make great changes is often thinking in difficult projects that need to be accomplished. On the other hand, our ability to do things is by breaking long hour tasks into small “doable” tasks. Say you wanna write a book, you would start by the idea, write a few chapters, choose a title, make a… Continue reading Start with the basics

The big picture

The kind of work that makes a difference is often done in the edge of creativity. For this kind of work, there are no “immutable truths” because in fact the answers are still being found. From history we learn to look back and see the big picture. We can clearly visualize how someone or some… Continue reading The big picture

The Excuses Database

“I admire people who made…but you know, I should have done this before I was 30. Now it’s not safe” Safe. What kind of successful path you hope to find without involving risk? If every decision in life is always the most safe, odds are you’ll end up missing the sunshine view from a breathless… Continue reading The Excuses Database

Try it out…and see how it works

You probably have bullet points in your CV. If not, write down a few. Now, try to rewrite the same content in two or three paragraphs. Keep this format, but now tell a story with a clear beginning-middle-end structure. Do this exercise for emails, cover letters and everything else you have written with bullet points. This… Continue reading Try it out…and see how it works


With so many things to take care throughout the day, we often fail to keep all our commitments in mind. Just normal, it’s how our brain works and that’s exactly why we use reminders, either if it’s a paper list or an Outlook reminder. A reminder is a good way to store information. Instead of keeping a plenty of… Continue reading Reminders

Share your knowledge

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Ideas alone do not have owners. The accomplishments have. Ideas can be found by many but realized by few. This is why success is not defined merely by thinking of a solution, but having the ability and persistence to find ways to make it viable. Sharing is multiplying.

Let me know when you stop making excuses

There comes a point in your life you realize that complaining does not lead anywhere. That there are millions of possible reasons for you NOT to do something. Talent itself is not enough, because in the end achieving results will require you some sacrifice. When you finally begins to see clearly that, then you only… Continue reading Let me know when you stop making excuses

What can you do today?

In the next few hours, do you have the chance to do something that is within your reach? Let tomorrow worry for tomorrow. Just do what you can do now. Make a small gesture, have a good conversation, write down what you have in mind, thank someone who once helped you. The time is now. The… Continue reading What can you do today?

The problem of looking for reward

… is that you may end up losing focus. When you think in the long run, it is more likely that you will become a more cautious person. Sometimes you fail, just normal. But you know you need to fix this and change a habit. People who changed the world were looking for awards? Money? Recognition?… Continue reading The problem of looking for reward