Start with the basics

Whoever is willing to make great changes is often thinking in difficult projects that need to be accomplished. On the other hand, our ability to do things is by breaking long hour tasks into small “doable” tasks. Say you wanna write a book, you would start by the idea, write a few chapters, choose a title, make a… Continue reading Start with the basics

The big picture

The kind of work that makes a difference is often done in the edge of creativity. For this kind of work, there are no “immutable truths” because in fact the answers are still being found. From history we learn to look back and see the big picture. We can clearly visualize how someone or some… Continue reading The big picture

I’ll give you the floor

Today it’s not going to be about me. You have the room to give ideas and I’ll careful listen to them. If you need a hand to do some hard work, I’ll be a volunteer. If you have more important stuff to deal, I’ll take care of the things that are distracting you. Being a leader is… Continue reading I’ll give you the floor

What if…

…we didn’t complaint when something does not go as we expected. …we were more focused on doing the important rather than being busy with urgent. …we could just say ‘sorry, I’ll make it up’ instead of trying to find logical excuses. I believe that these things are part of the process. Besides, if we really aim to be better… Continue reading What if…

Being surrounded with different cultures

Having breakfast in one of the four tables a “terraza” has (that’s what they call the tables in the outside here in Spain) hearing three different languages is definitely a new experience for me. A couples of months ago I moved to Barcelona which my wife and I had been planning over the last two… Continue reading Being surrounded with different cultures

Failure creates no expectation

When you fail, you are already at the bottom and what can be expected from you? This creates an unique opportunity that is often dismissed: to overcome expectations. People expect you will be upset/will complaint/will give up. That’s the real time when resilient people show up and make a difference.

Choice is free(dom)

If there’s something that I’ve always took serious in life is about choice. I am a believer that we always have choice no matter the situation. Even if you can’t change the situation itself, you can change the way you react to it. From the moment you realize that kind of freedom, you then start… Continue reading Choice is free(dom)

The Excuses Database

“I admire people who made…but you know, I should have done this before I was 30. Now it’s not safe” Safe. What kind of successful path you hope to find without involving risk? If every decision in life is always the most safe, odds are you’ll end up missing the sunshine view from a breathless… Continue reading The Excuses Database


Our brain works like shelves in our room. We start putting books on a shelf and suddenly we create a personal collection of books. We can go to the shelf and take a book at any time to consult an specific subject and then put it back. The book will then stay there at our disposal for any… Continue reading Shelves

Try it out…and see how it works

You probably have bullet points in your CV. If not, write down a few. Now, try to rewrite the same content in two or three paragraphs. Keep this format, but now tell a story with a clear beginning-middle-end structure. Do this exercise for emails, cover letters and everything else you have written with bullet points. This… Continue reading Try it out…and see how it works


With so many things to take care throughout the day, we often fail to keep all our commitments in mind. Just normal, it’s how our brain works and that’s exactly why we use reminders, either if it’s a paper list or an Outlook reminder. A reminder is a good way to store information. Instead of keeping a plenty of… Continue reading Reminders

Looking at the world through different lens

– “And I keep it as a reminder to myself that we are looking at the world through a lens all the time. And that lens is often influenced by what we came to the room with.” Seth Godin about a 1993 t-shirt he has in his office. At that time he wrote a book about… Continue reading Looking at the world through different lens

Adjusting expectations

Things can be better. Things could be better than they are today if we take a few steps. Or…this is not gonna be easy, but if you persist there is a chance that you can achieve it and things will change for better. Three totally different ways to think about a situation or a challenge.… Continue reading Adjusting expectations

Success feels like

When was the last time you achieved something great? Can you remember what were you doing at the exact moment it happened? We’re so busy crossing items off our To-Do lists that we often forget (not the things, but) the feeling of success. The good thing about experience is that we can learn through it,… Continue reading Success feels like