‘Too busy to do this’…

  …is one more excuse we create to ourselves, one that doesn’t make us feel guilty, because you know…we are “working”, “studying”, taking care of something or someone. This reminds me when I was a kid and my mom – mother of three – raised us on her own. So she managed to go to work in… Continue reading ‘Too busy to do this’…

Share your knowledge

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Ideas alone do not have owners. The accomplishments have. Ideas can be found by many but realized by few. This is why success is not defined merely by thinking of a solution, but having the ability and persistence to find ways to make it viable. Sharing is multiplying.

The greatest enemy of all time

So, this is it. The taxes are too high, you don`t have enough money, your boss doesn`t understand you, there are people who will think you are too radical, blablabla. Is there any other excuse that I forgot to mention? Come on, you are dealing with your greatest enemy of all time: yourself. Don’t be… Continue reading The greatest enemy of all time

Starbucks não vende café.

Apesar de curtir muito café, eu não sou o tipo de pessoa que frequenta a Starbucks mais de uma vez por mês. Talvez eu vá até menos que isso. Mas eles não vendem café. Eles vendem boas ideias. E essa com certeza me fez pensar: “Poxa, até que vale a pena!” Pequenas ações fazem muita… Continue reading Starbucks não vende café.