Looking back a hundred years ago human beings would travel an average pace of 6-12 Km/h. Today, though, we are flying on rocket ships, planes, super fast cars and that only happened recently, I mean, very recently in history. What that creates is a non-stop movement where there is simply a lot going on in… Continue reading Pause.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

Some people will argue that they know exactly where they will be. So I started to think backwards: where was I 10 years ago and how I was answering such question in a job interview? College had just started out, first semester, still a rookie. I didn’t realize at the time but I was going through… Continue reading Where do you see yourself in 10 years

Reminding yourself

You know, I suck at doing a lot of things. Things like skating, drawing, waiting on the line, or even more important things like dealing with emotions. And the list goes on and on. But if there’s one thing I always really  found myself to be good at, this thing is learning new stuff. I… Continue reading Reminding yourself

Work as working for God

I always had this thing about turning 27. Not sure why, I just had. Since I was a kid I always imagined how it would be when I get to this age. I remember I was a super shy kid, with a big wave of uncertainty surrounding my mind. I watched people in the subway wearing their white collar suits… Continue reading Work as working for God

The two paths to follow

I woke up this morning feeling lucky. But not the kind of luck that comes from randomness. Yet, I was feeling great about doing the hard-work day after day and having the opportunity to put some thought on it down the road. I am part of a generation that was born wanting everything for yesterday. No matter… Continue reading The two paths to follow

Long time no speak

The other day I caught myself overthinking about how great people – people we chose to admire and, somehow, to follow – have the power to make a bold impact in our lives. Just like any other rudimentary relationship, we miss that kind of people a lot. When meeting again, a strange feeling comes up. At the same time… Continue reading Long time no speak

Start with the basics

Whoever is willing to make great changes is often thinking in difficult projects that need to be accomplished. On the other hand, our ability to do things is by breaking long hour tasks into small “doable” tasks. Say you wanna write a book, you would start by the idea, write a few chapters, choose a title, make a… Continue reading Start with the basics

Failure creates no expectation

When you fail, you are already at the bottom and what can be expected from you? This creates an unique opportunity that is often dismissed: to overcome expectations. People expect you will be upset/will complaint/will give up. That’s the real time when resilient people show up and make a difference.


Our brain works like shelves in our room. We start putting books on a shelf and suddenly we create a personal collection of books. We can go to the shelf and take a book at any time to consult an specific subject and then put it back. The book will then stay there at our disposal for any… Continue reading Shelves

Try it out…and see how it works

You probably have bullet points in your CV. If not, write down a few. Now, try to rewrite the same content in two or three paragraphs. Keep this format, but now tell a story with a clear beginning-middle-end structure. Do this exercise for emails, cover letters and everything else you have written with bullet points. This… Continue reading Try it out…and see how it works


With so many things to take care throughout the day, we often fail to keep all our commitments in mind. Just normal, it’s how our brain works and that’s exactly why we use reminders, either if it’s a paper list or an Outlook reminder. A reminder is a good way to store information. Instead of keeping a plenty of… Continue reading Reminders

Looking at the world through different lens

– “And I keep it as a reminder to myself that we are looking at the world through a lens all the time. And that lens is often influenced by what we came to the room with.” Seth Godin about a 1993 t-shirt he has in his office. At that time he wrote a book about… Continue reading Looking at the world through different lens

Stanford classes for free

Yeap. You can sign up here. Courses started today and I`m looking foward to know how it is gonna work. I signed up for the “A Crash Course on Creativity” and until now there are 17 thousand people all over the world. This is a very different way of getting knowledge. But the “Information age”… Continue reading Stanford classes for free

What can you do today?

In the next few hours, do you have the chance to do something that is within your reach? Let tomorrow worry for tomorrow. Just do what you can do now. Make a small gesture, have a good conversation, write down what you have in mind, thank someone who once helped you. The time is now. The… Continue reading What can you do today?