Reminding yourself

You know, I suck at doing a lot of things. Things like skating, drawing, waiting on the line, or even more important things like dealing with emotions. And the list goes on and on. But if there’s one thing I always really  found myself to be good at, this thing is learning new stuff. I… Continue reading Reminding yourself

Stanford classes for free

Yeap. You can sign up here. Courses started today and I`m looking foward to know how it is gonna work. I signed up for the “A Crash Course on Creativity” and until now there are 17 thousand people all over the world. This is a very different way of getting knowledge. But the “Information age”… Continue reading Stanford classes for free

Destroy versus Deconstruct

Creativity comes from the question “how?”. When the 5 year old son asks his mother how he was born. When you look at a product and try to figure out how it works. When there’s a project to build a tunnel that passes beneath the ocean and everybody sings together: “HOW WILL THIS BE POSSIBLE?”… Continue reading Destroy versus Deconstruct

Don’t miss a thing

Get a notebook. Or use the sound recorder app from your cellphone. Whatever. The important thing is to store your ideas. File them somewhere (choose what is easier for you). Because someday this idea will appear out of nowhere, as happens when you find money in the pocket of an old pants. (I love this feeling… don’t… Continue reading Don’t miss a thing

Finding a way out of the enigma

When faced with an enigma, we often fail to find the solution. But when we see the answer our reaction is “Gosh! I can’t believe it was so simple!”. Why does this happen? The point is that the problem is not in the enigma itself, the problem is in our own mind. When we realize… Continue reading Finding a way out of the enigma

What happens outside reflects inside (and vice versa)

The inspiration is inside us. Yet, we can make things out to stimulate the imagination and then feelin inspired. Hearing your favorite band, watching a video on Youtube, reading a blog of art and entertainment, going out for a walk in the park, etc.. It’s kind of a reciprocal relationship: the nature gives you food so… Continue reading What happens outside reflects inside (and vice versa)

Strategic stop

When a F1 pilot makes a strategic stop, for a moment looks like he put everything to lose. He was leading the GP with some slack, but after stopping it immediately jumps to 6th position, staying away not only from leadership, but also from the podium. But this time is exactly where the course of… Continue reading Strategic stop