Looking back a hundred years ago human beings would travel an average pace of 6-12 Km/h. Today, though, we are flying on rocket ships, planes, super fast cars and that only happened recently, I mean, very recently in history.

What that creates is a non-stop movement where there is simply a lot going on in our lives and we don’t have the time to pause and feel the moment. That’s right, pause.

Pause isn’t when you go get something to eat between one episode and another of Game of Thrones. Pause isn’t when you stop working and log into social media to see what’s happening. You’re not really pausing.

A pause is when you take a breath and for a moment you seat back to realize about what’s happening. It’s a conscious effort to stop for a short period of time to make sure you’re not speeding up too fast and losing control. Pause is needed for us to see the beauty of the creation.

Pause is important for us not to live life in fast-forward and to really enjoy the play.


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