Reminding yourself

You know, I suck at doing a lot of things. Things like skating, drawing, waiting on the line, or even more important things like dealing with emotions. And the list goes on and on. But if there’s one thing I always really  found myself to be good at, this thing is learning new stuff. I can easily absorb new information and I, in fact, enjoy acquiring knowledge.

When I used to have more time available [ not that I don’t have it anymore, it just gets more difficult after you’re married :) ] I was always going to the library, had some coffee and tried to reflect about things in life. Those kinds of moments were like an enlightening to me and I think that everyone should be able to do it once in a while. Sometimes a problem doesn’t need a new solution, it just needs a new perspective.

The fact is that I learned many lessons by putting a lot of thought into it.

Challenge is time goes by and I’ve been learning after many years that if you do not  keep those things around you, it slowly starts going away. I mean, it’s not that you lose something you learned, but if you don’t make an effort to mind it, it stays out of your sight. And anything out of your sight is not reflected in your actions.

So we should remind ourselves each day.

Remind us that we’ve been through tough times before and that we’ve learned great lessons. Those lessons need to be practiced just like a language is, otherwise our attitudes won’t reflect what we’ve truly became.

These days, I consider reminding me old lessons just as valuable as learning new things. I hope you do the same. Or just try to.


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