This is the world we live in

The internet has enabled the world to connect in various ways. Today, we no longer need to go to a person who obtains the information. We can do most things by ourselves. If I want to print, build, write, publish, scan, play, invent, invest, create…I can learn how to do it.

Each day, more people are doing more things in a better way. And that is one of the reasons why most of my posts talk about choice. Because it all comes down to our ability  to decide to stick to it, not to wait to be picked, to show up constantly not because you get paid, but because you´re willing to change things for the better.

We are entitled to choose to pay attention, to notice things, be relentless and do not stop at the first time we fall down. The more mistakes we make, the better we get if, and only if, we decide to move on. So as we get to practice, it slowly starts becoming part of us. For attitudes become a habit, our habits build our personality. And as people, what we do everyday is merely a result of every step we’ve given along the way.


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