Travel does not make us better

A trip helps us see the world with different lenses, to realize the greatness that is out there and understand the void that exists inside us. It shows us so many different things (whether good or bad) which leads us to reflect on the actual size of our problems or what we constantly complain about. During a trip, we lower our guard, open our minds and begin to notice even the most trivial things. All that we experience and that can not be fully shared with those who were not together, makes us think about what kind of people we want to be. But that does not make us change – at least not yet. The trigger is choice and the change comes through our attitudes. Without these two things, we could travel through the four corners of the world and we would continue to be “more of the same”, the only difference would be having more photos in the memory card.

Traveling is like a trampoline.

[photo from a trip I did in 2014 with my wife. we went camping in a small city in Brazil, located in the state of Minas Gerais]



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