Work as working for God

I always had this thing about turning 27. Not sure why, I just had. Since I was a kid I always imagined how it would be when I get to this age.

I remember I was a super shy kid, with a big wave of uncertainty surrounding my mind. I watched people in the subway wearing their white collar suits and I just couldn’t figure if I would “be like them” someday. If I’d have a job, get paid, know how to drive, have a car, get married, travel around the world, know different cultures, speak different languages…

Then it happens that we grow and turns out that all that insecurity and some sort of fear were merely in our minds. We look back and see that we are capable of doing any of those things as long as we dedicate ourselves hard enough.

Last week I turned 27 and it is the same thing as turning 18 or any other age. The kind of feeling like “Hey, it is actually the same thing as yesterday. Nothing seems to have changed…”. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that the change happens over the course of the months or years. We are different somehow, but we keep being the same person deep inside.

As we realize that we are able to achieve goals, to learn how to do something, etc, then we comprehend that it is more relevant to choose what is worth doing/spending our time with. No matter the challenge or the situation we are facing, we just get it that we can. And our focus should be in bringing out all that inner strength we carry since as a child to deliver our best. We should work as if we were working for God, study as if we were studying for God, love unconditionally as if God depended on us, help other people the same way God used someone in the past to help us.

Most of the times we know what to do, maybe what is missing is just a little push.


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