‘Too busy to do this’…


…is one more excuse we create to ourselves, one that doesn’t make us feel guilty, because you know…we are “working”, “studying”, taking care of something or someone.

This reminds me when I was a kid and my mom – mother of three – raised us on her own. So she managed to go to work in a 2-hour commuting, stop by at the supermarket on her way back and carry a dozen of bags to bring us food, took us to the doctor every time we were not feeling well, did exercises at home to keep in shape…I guess you get the picture.

The thing is I have no memories of her complaining she couldn’t do something. In fact, she was just too busy to complaint.

That’s the best way I find to do what I have to do: if I have to do it, I won’t wait until I ain’t busy, I will just do it and have no time to complaint. And that’s a choice.


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