The two paths to follow

I woke up this morning feeling lucky. But not the kind of luck that comes from randomness. Yet, I was feeling great about doing the hard-work day after day and having the opportunity to put some thought on it down the road.

I am part of a generation that was born wanting everything for yesterday. No matter what you get, this whole anxiety will follow through to get the next big thing. And you gotta get it soon.

And despite the fact this is right or wrong, what really matters is whether or not are we putting things into perspective so we can decide which path belongs to us. After all, this is what differentiate people: choices.

At the end of the day, we all want to achieve something. The choice is to be always in a hurry (and most likely complaint when things go sideways) or to give small steps consistently thinking in the long term. If you really want to build a solid future, odds are you will know which way to go. So, you gotta be patient.

When you realize that it’s just a matter of planting your future, then you will care more about what kind of future is relevant to worry about. Is all that effort worth it?

These are some reflections to keep in mind.



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