The Excuses Database

“I admire people who made…but you know, I should have done this before I was 30. Now it’s not safe”

Safe. What kind of successful path you hope to find without involving risk? If every decision in life is always the most safe, odds are you’ll end up missing the sunshine view from a breathless stand point. So here is the deal: you must take a decision today on whether you’re gonna change your mindset or to spend endless time throwing roadblocker excuses in your way.

I don’t have to tell you what’s the best choice, but it’s obvious which one will bring you —whatever you’re willing to accomplish— in return. So, if you go with that option, here’s the deal: create a list in your computer/phone/tablet/notebook and name it “The Excuses Database”. For every time you hear that voice in your mind saying you’re not capable of doing something, write down what’s the excuse. Obviously, this is gonna be a long list. Do this until you realize it’s only a matter of choice. Choice to create your own path regardless of what challenge you’ll find along the way.

So, what is your excuse today?


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