Success feels like

When was the last time you achieved something great? Can you remember what were you doing at the exact moment it happened? We’re so busy crossing items off our To-Do lists that we often forget (not the things, but) the feeling of success. The good thing about experience is that we can learn through it, we can take something positive as a lesson for future challenges. And sometimes when we are in the middle of a struggle, there’s a gravitational force that pushes us down making it more difficult to raise our heads and have a clearer view of what’s ahead of us. Sometimes, all we need is this landscape view. We desperately need something tangible to make us believe that it is still possible to reach the finish line. What makes us stand? The feeling that we can do it. And we know that it is worth, experience taught us. Next time you’re in that position, keep in mind what success feels like.


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