Destroy versus Deconstruct

Creativity comes from the question “how?”. When the 5 year old son asks his mother how he was born. When you look at a product and try to figure out how it works. When there’s a project to build a tunnel that passes beneath the ocean and everybody sings together: “HOW WILL THIS BE POSSIBLE?”

See, your world view is nothing more than a set of ideas that you have been impacted during your lifetime. It is up to you to choose what you want to be influenced and then understand the creative process of those things. The world has taught you that you cannot be curious, that your curiosity can cost you dearly, you need to be silent otherwise you’re gonna be in trouble. But here’s a question for you: How do you intend to change the world being silent?

There is a huge difference between destroy and deconstruct. Deconstruct is to do the opposite of build. It enables you to understand every single part of creation.

Destroy is quick and easy and don’t bring much back. Instead, deconstructing requires time and effort, but then it gives you answers. Rather, it gives you vision.


2 thoughts on “Destroy versus Deconstruct

  1. Indeed. The three questions are effective to this theme. We should ask them everytime we face a problem. Though, when talking about terms of Destruction vs. Deconstruction, it is more concerned to how we do things.

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