STAR: Telling a story in a job interview

Maybe you already know this technique. Maybe not. So, I thought it is worth sharing:

“STAR” is a technique used to facilitate the understanding and organize your ideas when the interviewer ask you to tell some situation.

S = Situation
A breafly description of the facts. What was it all about?

T = Task
Did you make it on your own? Or did you need somebody’s help? If so, tell who (department or person or system…etc)

A = Action
This is the right moment to sell yourself. Tell what was your effort to achieve the goal. What was your contribution? Did you make a difference?

and last, but not least…
R = Results
Just to conclude your action, show what were the results and (mostly) what you learned from that situation.

STAR is only a tool which is very helpful. Yet, don’t get stuck on this technique. Keep in mind that the most important thing is that you must tell a story.


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