We want (need) the true Marketing


How many times have you had problems to buy a product or service?

It is no accident that the image of the marketer is ruined today. One given company has plenty of money but misleads consumers to reduce their costs. They sell products with the promise to deliver 500 ml content, when in fact there are only 450 ml.

We’re tired of it. Suffer from it. For that reason the Marketing was wrongly shaped in people’s minds.

Nevertheless, things are changing slowly. Gradually, the real Marketing is emerging. With regulatory agencies, more qualified professionals, more investments, the scenario tends to value the marketer with justice and punish those who lie and who has ruined the image of  Marketing, but not only that…mainly, who ruined the lives of millions of people by cheating.

The role of marketing is to create value. It is being honest and captivate consumers by meeting their latent needs.


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