The three things you do

There are somethings you need to do, regardless of your will. If you’re sick, you need to do something about it. Consult a doctor, go to the pharmacy and buy some medication, stand still. This kind of situation always comes first.

There are other things you can stop doing, but will incur some kind of consequence. Washing the dishes is always something that needs to be done. It is the kind of task that if you don’t do today, will have more work tomorrow. And no matter how great your effort, there are always dishes to wash. Problem? Nope. It is just a fact.

And lastly, there are somethings you do because you want. Decorate your room, change the color of the walls, install a new shelf, replace the lamp. This type of thing you do because it makes you feel better, not because you have to.

This might help you set a list of priorities.


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