The point of ( ) sale ( x ) view


Have you already noticed that when you decide to buy a car, this specific model begins to born on trees, it comes across in every light, appears on television, billboards, etc? What actually happens is that now your attention is focused on this. This information comes out from the bottom of the brain and is brought to the “priority list”. So your attention is much more accurate for the car (while other information goes to the bottom of your brain).

It’s not magic. Our brains work this way.

There are somethings that are interesting to you. You see a car accident and that’s important to you. But a friend of yours who doesn’t have a car won’t give much importance to this when reading a report of a traffic accident. Maybe if you tell him with such excitement.

Gone is the time when companies massively produced and pushed products to consumers. Nowadays, things are different. Now people have choice. There is no way to force them to consume. Marketing is finding out what a group of people are seeing in common, what they look for, what is on your list of priorities, what’s important to them.


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