Keep moving


If your idea is truly worthy of being fulfilled, if it is so important that someone else gets credit in your place, if you consider it more important than the money, then do not care about signposts, keep moving. Keep moving because to challenge the “status quo” you’ll need to break some rules, it is inevitable, it is a sign that change is happening. A great idea is always going to clash with people who are resistant to change, keep moving. Keep moving because ¬†remaining in the comfort zone is nice, but will not get you anywhere. On the other hand, doing what challenges you makes you grow. In life, we are always on the move, growing or regressing, but we never remain static. You might think that doing nothing makes you stay in the same place, but actually doing nothing makes you regress, to stay behind while others continue to move. So, keep moving forward. Keep moving because a revolution is coming, you’re about to do something that really matters in the world, something meaningful to people, better, a solution to a big problem.

Maybe all you need to hear today is “go ahead.”


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